Stereoretentive Catalytic Olefin Metathesis. In Situ Methylene Capping

07. August, 2017

In situ methylene capping: A general strategy for efficient stereoretentive catalytic olefin metathesis is developed using Ru dithiolate catalysts. The concept, methodological implications, and applications to synthesis of biologically active compounds is described.

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Stereoselective Catalytic Cross-Metathesis

15. June, 2017

Unsaturated organoboron compounds are important reagents in organic synthesis e.g. (pinacolato)allylboron [allyl-B(pin)] are involved in many stereoselective additions while (pinacolato)vinylboron [alkenyl-B(pin)] reagents are used in various catalytic cross coupling reactions.

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Catalytic Ring-Closing Metathesis

02. May, 2017

Catalytic RCM has played a prominent role in connection with the synthesis of macrocyclic alkenes, a structural motif found in an array of biologically active molecules. There is a high demand to develop catalysts that reliably deliver kinetic control of stereoselectivity in the formation of large-ring olefins.

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Activation of Oxo Tungsten Complexes

12. April, 2017

The coordination of B(C6F5)3to an oxo ligand in tungsten oxo alkylidene bis(aryloxide) complexes, where the aryloxide is O-2,6-(mesityl) 2C6H3 (HMTO) or 2,6-diadamantyl-4-methylphenoxide (dAdPO), accelerates the formation of metallacyclobutane complexes from alkylidenes as well as the rearrangement of metallacyclobutane complexes.

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Ring-Opening Metathesis Polymerization

30. March, 2017

It has been shown that Z-selective reactions in ROMP have some generality and that syndiotacticity (for cis polymers) is predictable as a consequence of the mechanism through which MAP catalysts operate, i.e., inversion of configuration at the metal center with each forward metathesis step (stereogenic metal control).

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