Silica-Supported Molybdenum Alkylidyne N-Heterocyclic Carbene Catalysts for Alkyne Metathesis

05. July, 2018

A new class of Mo alkylidyne complexes were immobilized on silica supports bearing N-heterocyclic carbenes and used in 2-alkyne benchmark reactions.

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Synthesis of E- and Z-Trisubstituted Alkenes Using Chemoselective Cross-Metathesis

02. March, 2018

Cross-metathesis using E- or Z-trisubstituted alkene precursors give chemoselective and stereoretentive access to linear trisubstituted alkenes with high stereoisomeric purity.

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Stabilization of Molybdenum Metathesis Catalysts: The Fürstner Approach

09. January, 2018

Air-stable Mo-catalysts were developed by complexation with bidentate N-heterocycles followed by in situ release of the active catalyst.

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From Box to Bench: Air-Stable Molybdenum Catalyst Tablets for Everyday Use in Olefin Metathesis

09. November, 2017

XiMo has developed a new process to encapsulate various molybdenum or tungsten based metathesis catalysts in paraffin, enabling all organic chemists to perform Mo/W based olefin metathesis on the bench, and eliminating the need for a glove-box.

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Z-Selective Metathesis – New Catalysts, New Opportunities

08. September, 2017

New catalysts that facilitate the synthesis of di- or trisubstituted Z- or E-alkenes have found broad application in the synthesis of complex natural products as well as biologically active small molecules.

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