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XiMo offers a broad product portfolio for R&D and production focusing primarily on various Mo, W metathesis catalysts for diverse applications including highly efficient ring-opening-, cross-, ene-yne- and Z-selective metathesis reactions. Proprietary catalysts are also available in a safe, user-friendly formulation XiMoPac, which allows the practitionnaires to handle the air-sensitve catalysts outside the glove-box.

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The catalyst development was closely associated with XiMo’s academic partners (MIT, Boston College, Univ. Osaka, ETH, Zürich, Polymer University Stuttgart, Institute of Polymer Chemistry etc.).

To simplify the everyday work with highly sensitive reagents in pilot laboratories and plants XiMo extended its well-controlled formulation technology to additional sensitive and pyrophoric reagents (cross-coupling catalysts, organometallics).


Metathesis catalysts

XiMo established a very diverse Mo, W catalyst library (~800 catalysts) for various purposes in association with MIT and Boston College scientists (R. Schrock, A. Hoveyda). The catalysts are available for reaction screening for research purposes as well as for scale-up.

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Several Mo, W catalysts are available in air-stable paraffin tablets called XiMoPac. This formulation technology provides a convenient solution for handling air-sensitive Mo-based metathesis catalysts by making them “air-stable”. The XiMoPac method enables their use outside the glovebox without any risk of deterioration of the catalysts’ activity. The Mo-complexes are dispersed in melted macrocrystalline paraffin before formulation that leads to homogeneous, preweighed paraffin droplets, containing predetermined, constant amount of active ingredient


For research and development

The broad-spectrum catalyst library can be screened for specific metathesis reactions allowing the selection of the most appropriate catalysts. Further structural optimization of the selected catalysts offers fine-tuning regarding conversion, yield and selectivity. XiMo offers:

  • Non-formulated catalysts
  • XiMoPac: Air-stable catalyst pills

Non-formulated catalysts

Large number of non-formulated catalysts (e.g. X002, X004, X007, X029, X030, X051, X639, X643, etc.) are available in our proprietary library for performing various metathesis reactions and also for catalyst screening. The formulated version of these catalysts are listed under XiMoPac.

XiMoPac: Air-stable catalyst pills

Outstanding Features:
• Pre-weighed, air-stable tablet for R&D screening
• IP friendly (all-inclusive price) model
XiMo scientists developed preweighed Mo catalysts formulated in paraffin tablets. Paraffin wax serves as a protective matrix for reagents and it readily releases the active ingredients upon melting and/or adding appropriate solvents. The metathetically active Mo-complexes are dissolved in melted macrocrystalline paraffin before formulation leading to homogeneous, preweighed paraffin pills, containing predetermined, constant amount of active ingredient.

For production

All XiMo catalysts that are approved and dedicated to a particular chemical process are available in kilogram scale upon demand. Mo and W based metathesis catalysts excel in extreme low catalyst loadings. Feedstock quality granted loadings of 5 – 50 ppm

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Regular industrial processes require large amount of catalysts, so the synthesis of kilogram quantities of a MAP complex (e.g. 1) has been developed. Use of industrial solvents and telescoping techniques which enable the avoidance of sensitive intermediates’ isolation render a simple, scalable procedure and thus an affordably priced catalyst.

XiMo has a reliable partner for the the kilogram scale production of the catalysts.  


Olefin Metathesis Highlights

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