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XiMo’s business mission is to fully realize the potential of our technology by enabling our clients to create novel and innovative products that drastically reduce conversion costs through process improvements.

XiMo has the exclusive rights to the entire patent portfolio covering the Schrock/ Hoveyda molybdenum and tungsten-based metathesis technologies, providing XiMo with broad partnership freedom while protecting our technology for decades. We disseminate this proprietary technology to selected companies and we work with them to develop commercial applications. Achieving this mission rests on three pillars:

1. World leading metathesis expertise

2. Attractive commercial terms

3. Active implementation support for our customers

Companies secure access to XiMo’s intellectual property (IP) for specific projects and/or products by paying an up-front, annual fee. This insures that during the customer’s development phase, XiMo does not partner with or back a competing project or product. The industry exclusivity granted to the customer under this partnership model is an invaluable benefit and encourages entering early partnerships with XiMo.

XiMo supports its clients’ development efforts by searching for and providing specific, appropriate catalysts for their molecules and supplying expert advice on the best use of our catalysts. XiMo offers a high level of flexibility in customizing its services to meet the customers' needs.

Along with the unique levels of reactivity and selectivity offered by XiMo catalysts, molybdenum and tungsten are approximately 100 times less expensive than competitive materials. These factors make our catalysts attractive to our customers and ensure the commercial affordability of XiMo’s technology.

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