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XiMo offers tailor-made catalysts for various metathesis reactions upon customers’ requests. The existing Mo, W catalyst library (~800 catalysts) helps to identify the most appropriate catalysts followed by fine-tuning. XiMo has a broad patent portfolio covering the novel catalysts and applications. XiMo partners have full access to its intellectual property and technical expertise, to solve important industrial chemistry problems.

Catalyst Development

The multi-step discovery process starts with screening of the diverse Mo, W catalyst library to identify the most appropriate catalysts.Catalyst fine-tuning is carried out using the in-house knowledge base and XiMo’s expertise.

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XiMo scientists have 6 years of experience is supported by leading industrial and academic experts. The catalyst development is closely associated with XiMo’s academic partners (MIT, Boston College, Univ. Osaka, ETH, Zürich, Polymer University Stuttgart, Institute of Polymer Chemistry etc.).


Process Development

XiMo scientists provide novel solutions for industrial production of valuable end-products involving metathesis pathways. A novel, economical synthetic route of the targeted molecules is devised from pre-defined starting materials using a metathesis step. 

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The overall process development includes an efficient pre-treatment process for the metathesis step and reaction (catalyst) optimization regarding conversion, yield and selectivity. XiMo offers various options including joint development of the novel synthetic pathway or through the involvement of manufacturing tollers.


Reactor Design

In certain cases the industrial chemical transformations that utilize metathesis catalysts may require customized reactors for the particular chemical process. If the technology requires, XiMo scientists can work together with process chemists and chemical engineers to develop a customized reactor for a particular reaction.

Olefin Metathesis Highlights

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