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Catalyst ID: X030

Name: Molybdenum, [(1R)​-​3,​3'-​dibromo-​2'-​[[(1,​1-​dimethylethyl)​dimethylsilyl]​oxy]​-​5,​5',​6,​6',​7,​7',​8,​8'-​octahydro[1,​1'-​binaphthalen]​-​2-​olato-​κO]​[2,​6-​dimethylbenzenaminat​o(2-​)​]​(2,​5-​dimethyl-​1H-​pyrrol-​1-​yl)​(2-​methyl-​2-​phenylpropylidene)​-​, (T-​4-​R)​-

CAS no.: 1300026-28-1, 1887760-68-0

Formula: C50H62Br2MoN2O2Si

M. W.: 1006.89

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  1. neat as an orange powder (100 mg/ 500 mg or in bulk; purity: ≥95% (by 1H-NMR)) in sealed crimp top vials filled under N2. For additional protection the vials are wrapped into heat-sealed sachets that provides further protection from water, oxygen and light. To preserve the quality pls. open it only in a glove-box.
  2. in safe paraffin matrix (200 mg 5 wt% X030, containing 10 mg active catalyst/pellets). Each pellet is individually packaged in a heat-sealed, sachet that provides protection from water and oxygen degradation. Shipped in 10 and 50 pellets units.
  • enantio-selective ring opening cross metathesis
  • ring closing metathesis
  • enantio- and endo-selective ene-yne ring closing metathesis

to be released upon order

to be released upon order

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