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Ximo catalysts (Mo/W, Z-selective: Ru)

XiMo’s proprietary molybdenum and tungsten complexes have predictable and controllable activities. The special features of our Mo/W metathesis catalysts:

  • High activity - catalyst loading of tailor-made complexes is in the range of 10 – 100 ppms by weight;
  • Z-selective carbon-carbon double bond formation
  • Enantioselective metathesis reactions
  • Cross metathesis using ethylene as reaction partner (ethenolysis)
  • Functional group tolerance
  • Provide solutions for triple bond – triple bond (alkyne) metathesis
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Functional group tolerance:

  • Amines – frequently present in natural and biologically active substances
  • Enol ethers – introduction of a readily convertible FG to the molecule
  • Vinyl halides – introduction of Cl, Br, and F into the molecule
  • Introduction of a CF3 group into biologically active molecules can be particularly beneficial; modification of membrane permeability and drug metabolism


XiMo’s technology allows chemists to access a wide range of targets in a more concise manner than ever before. XiMo’s catalysts have been purposely designed for easy modification for industry needs ranging from fragrances and flavors to pharmaceuticals and plastics. In order to address clients’ particular challenges, we can customize our catalysts to fine-tune catalytic activity and achieve efficient synthetic solutions. 


Olefin Metathesis Highlights

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