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XiMo and Givaudan announce successful commercial production of a fragrance…

XiMo and Givaudan announce successful commercial production of a fragrance following its development project 

Budapest, Hungary, September 13, 2022 – Givaudan Swiss SA and XiMo Hungary Kft announce the successful development of a catalyst and a process to synthesize a fragrance ingredient. As the innovation leader in the flavors and fragrances market, Givaudan has successfully produced the fragrance ingredient commercially. XiMo, as the market leader in this  

class of catalysts, has developed, produced, and will supply the catalyst system used for this fra grance ingredient synthesis. Givaudan and XiMo have collaborated to develop and implement this  innovative solution ready for the market. 

“A new Fragrance ingredient, has been developed and produced using a new sustainable process, awarded with a Nobel Prize in 2005. This was mainly possible thanks to our innovative  approach and collaborative efforts between Givaudan and Ximo,” said Agnes Bombrun, Head of  Ingredients Research, Fragrance & Beauty, Givaudan. 

“The collaboration with Givaudan was a team effort. For me, it demonstrates the strength of collaboration and our technology. We are highly motivated by this development and will continue  to grow our portfolio of commercially available catalysts to serve our customers,” said Levente  Ondi, Managing Director, XiMo. 

XiMo expects its award-winning technology to become suitable for a wide range of applications and  fields with the availability of cost-competitive catalyst systems at a commercial scale. The success ful project with Givaudan demonstrates the commercial viability of XiMo’s catalysts and opens up  other fields, including large-scale specialty chemicals production. XiMo will continue to develop  catalysts based on Mo, W, and Ru for commercial uses and plans to expand its production capacity to meet the demand in the market. 

XiMo Hungary kft  

XiMo Hungary Kft. is the world-leading, independent, expert company on olefin metathesis catalysts. XiMo specializes in the  development of industrially applicable metathesis catalysts and processes. A broad, IP-protected portfolio of complex, stereose lective Mo, W, and Ru metathesis catalyst systems is offered to the market by XiMo, from gram to commercial-scale quantities.  XiMo holds exclusive rights to the entire patent portfolio covering the Schrock/ Hoveyda molybdenum and tungsten-based me tathesis technologies. Together with our customers, XiMo disseminates this proprietary technology. As a wholly-owned subsidiary  of VERBIO Vereinigte BioEnergie AG Germany, Ximo focuses on metathesis catalysts and their application on renewable feed stock, chemicals, and polymers for markets like flavours and fragrance, agriculture, polymers, pharmaceutical, and specialty  chemicals. 

About Givaudan 

Givaudan is a global leader in Fragrance & Beauty and Taste & Wellbeing. We celebrate the beauty of human experience by  creating for happier, healthier lives with love for nature. Together with our customers we deliver food experiences, craft inspired  fragrances, and develop beauty and wellbeing solutions that make people look and feel good. In 2021, Givaudan employed over  16,800 people worldwide and achieved CHF 6.7 billion in sales with a free cash flow of 12.6%. With a heritage that stretches back  over 250 years, we are committed to driving long-term, purpose-led growth by improving people’s health and happiness and  increasing our positive impact on nature. This is Givaudan. Human by nature. Discover more at 

About Fragrance & Beauty 

Givaudan Fragrance & Beauty craft inspired fragrances to perfume lives and memories, and develop innovative beauty and well being solutions that make people look and feel good all over the world. Nature is both our responsibility and our most precious  muse. We are just as committed to sustainability as we are to creating innovative products that satisfy consumer needs and  anticipate their desires. With a collaborative approach that favours co-creation, we have built a diverse portfolio across personal  care, fabric care, hygiene, home care, fine fragrances, and beauty, reflecting our multidisciplinary expertise. This is Givaudan.  Human by nature. Learn more at


Press Contact: XiMo Hungary Kft 

Levente Ondi 

Managing Director XiMo Kft 


Media Release dated September 13, 2022

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