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XiMo successfully defends its Ruthenium Metathesis patent portfolio.

Budapest 31.05.2023,

Today, XiMo Hungary kft announces that it has successfully defended one of its European patents in an oral hearing in front of the Opposition Division of the European Patent Office.

The European patent EP3538508B1 covers several potent ruthenium complexes bearing a neutral, nitrogen-containing heterocyclic carbene (NHC)-ligand. The so-called “dithio catalyst” have a unique performance in metathesis applications with stereochemical requirements.

Last year, XiMo Hungary kft also successfully defended the licensed patent EP1313559B1 in another oral hearing in front of the Opposition division of the European Patent Office.

Together, both patents are the basis for a broad portfolio of proprietary, third-generation ruthenium metathesis catalysts, which can be obtained from XiMo for R&D or commercial uses.

About XiMo Hungary Kft.

XiMo Hungary Kft. is the world-leading, independent, expert company on olefin metathesis catalysts. XiMo specializes in the development of industrially applicable metathesis catalysts and processes. A broad, IP-protected portfolio of complex, stereoselective Mo, W, and Ru metathesis catalyst systems is offered to the market by XiMo, from gram to commercial-scale quantities. XiMo holds exclusive rights to the entire patent portfolio covering the Schrock/Hoveyda molybdenum and tungsten-based metathesis technologies. Together with our customers, XiMo disseminates this proprietary technology. As a wholly owned subsidiary of VERBIO Vereinigte BioEnergie AG Germany, XiMo focuses on metathesis catalysts and their application on renewable feedstock, chemicals, and polymers for markets like flavours and fragrance, agriculture, polymers, pharmaceutical, and specialty chemicals.

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